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Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) Rechargeable 12VDC Battery – 7.0Ah

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A maintenance-free, rechargeable sealed lead acid (SLA) battery.  Ideal for access control systems, alarm systems, emergency lighting and other stand-by power applications.

Yuasa YUCEL Series Lead Acid Batteries
The Yuasa YUCEL series is specially designed for general purpose applications requiring high rate discharge. The high quality rechargeable sealed lead acid battery ensures that no electrolyte leakages occurs from the case or terminals. This battery is almost maintenance free with the perfectly sealed construction and the recombination of gases within the cell. The YUCEL batteries use a unique electrolyte suspension system incorporating a microfine glass mat (AGM) to retain the maximum amount of electrolyte in the cells. The electrolyte is retained in the separator material and there is no free electrolyte to escape from the cells.

Features & Benefits:

  • Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology with no free acid
  • Superb recovery from deep discharge
  • Gas recombination technology
  • Useable in any orientation (except continuously inverted)


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Weight 570 g
Dimensions 97 × 48 × 60 mm


Connection type

Terminal connection


12VDC Nominal



Operating Temperature

-15°C to 50°C



SKU BVS-BAT-120720


Manufacturer's Datasheet

1.18 MB


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